We are hiring!


We attend a lot of markets.  We are looking for an associate to join our team.   Someone to attend markets, sample, and sell our products.   Work will start on the weekends with training during the week.   You do need to have a big enough vehicle to bring stock and supplies to a market.   Usually a decent sized vehicle with fold down seats will do.   As the official market season gets going this will extend to five or six days of the week.   We are also looking for someone who wants to attend our markets in southern Alberta when the market season opens.   This usually involves staying in hotels rooms for several days of the week.  You do need to be able to stand for four or five hours at a time.   You must be able to lift 40 to 50 lbs at a time.  If you have a great personality and want to join our team apply with your resume at rbogach@whitelightningdistillery.com.   Pay starts at 17.00 per hour plus 5% commission of sales which can work out to around 25.00 per hour.