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Real Country Gin

(2 customer reviews)

Our Real Country Gin has been made to bring the tranquility of Barrhead County from rural Alberta straight to your home and loved ones.  We’ve paired our 100% sustainable local spirits with a soothing marriage of juniper, white citrus peel, and a kick of African spice to round-out our ingredients.  Sip away, we’re all about no stress, full flavour.



2 reviews for Real Country Gin

  1. Anissa Szoke

    Absolutely, the best. If your a Gin drinker and you haven’t tried this product yet. Your missing out! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    I have never had a liquor I’ve enjoyed straight more not to mention the best gin I’ve ever had. I hope to see this product in restaurants as the quality and flavour is above anything else. If you are a gin drinker then this is a must have in your cabinet.

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