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Triple White Gin

(2 customer reviews)

Our Triple White Gin is a pairing of delicacy with strength of the world’s bounty with Alberta’s.  We’ve vapour distilled our crisp Barrhead County wheat spirits with botanicals from every continent on the globe, save Antarctica, with three special ingredients that match the name of our distillery.  Just like most folks in our prairie homeland, we’re all about full flavour, zero bite.



2 reviews for Triple White Gin

  1. Kimberlee

    Just sampled the Country Gin at the Callingwood Market. Very SMOOTH with no burn….straight up, no mix.

  2. Alicia

    Sampled this at Food Fest in Crossfield today. Loved it right away. Brought a bottle home and it is hands down, my new favorite! No need for mix. It is smooth and tasty. My hubbie preferred it with a little tonic but you can’t trust his judgement, he’s a rum guy. 🙂

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