Who knew the spices of every continent (save Antarctica) would find their match in American Oak? We’ve decided to age up our famous Triple White Gin with our custom-charred casks, and the results taste for themselves. The flowers of the nose are matched on the tongue with the vanilla of the barrel before melding into a creamy mid-tongue experience, ending with a finish that’s spicy, but never burns. Whether you love the daring Negroni or classic gin-and-tonic, we know this is a gin for the cocktail sipper and whiskey desperado alike.

Our Triple White Gin is a pairing of delicacy with strength of the world’s bounty with Alberta’s.  We’ve vapour distilled our crisp Barrhead County wheat spirits with botanicals from every continent on the globe, save Antarctica, with three special ingredients that match the name of our distillery.  Just like most folks in our prairie homeland, we’re all about full flavor, zero bite.

Real Country Vodka is produced with locally sourced grain which include wheat and barley from Barrhead County Farmers.  It’s a clean vodka with a creamy texture that coats the palate, giving it a full mouth flavor with not bitter aftertaste.  Our vodka is so smooth, many enjoy it as a sipping vodka!

At White Lightning Distillery, we like it when life is sweet but with a little bit of bite!  Grandpa Beard has always lived by that philosophy, which is why he’s shared his secret recipe for Raspberry/Apple Vodka with us.   There’s no hidden tricks or sweeeteners; just fresh, hand-harvested fruit that will kiss your tongue with passionate sweetness.  A hint of acidity gives way to our signature no-burn finish, just like Grandpa Beard likes.  Enjoy responsibly on the rocks or with lemonade.

Grandpa Beard likes to put his feet up after a hard day in his orchard, and that’s why he's given us the secret to his relaxation.   our pear vodka uses 100% all-natural pear juice, with no artificial sweeteners and no sugar added; exactly as Grandpa Beard insists.  We blend it together with our smooth Alberta spirit for a freshness that welcomes your taste buds to the grandeur of a prairie summer, complete with our no-burn finish.  Enjoy responsibly straight, on the rocks or create your own blended masterpiece.

Our Real Country Gin has been made to bring the tranquility of Barrhead County from rural Alberta straight to your home and loved ones.  We’ve paired our 100% sustainable local spirits with a soothing marriage of juniper, white citrus peel, and a kick of African spice to round-out our ingredients.  Sip away, we’re all about no stress, full flavour.