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Peach Vodka

(18 customer reviews)

At White Lightning Distillery, we are always looking for a team up.  That’s why we’ve decided to marry our smooth Real Country Vodka to the peach juice from next door.  Our 100% natural, no sugar added juice is provided by our friends at our many farmers’ markets, and we are proud to combine our full-flavored vodka together with their vibrant stone fruit.  Best enjoyed responsibly with that special someone.



18 reviews for Peach Vodka

  1. Peter

    We tried the peach vodka at our local farmers market and were instantly sold. The business’s story combined with a fantastic product, made our decision to buy very easy. Great to see local companies like this.

  2. Hailey

    Bought this in person at a vendor event, I love it. When I run out I’m gonna buy some more. Might try another flavour to see what they all taste like. 100% recommend

  3. Garry Mitchell

    Bought at a market and it was so good. Highly recommend. ?

  4. Katie

    My new drink of choice. Tastes excellent with some peach sparkling water (like bubly or aha, for example). If you’ve been looking for a tasty cocktail that isn’t overly sweet, this is the drink for you!!

  5. Pam

    Talk about your perfect summer bevvy!

  6. Toby Neuendorf

    Met Mecede at the Beverly market; she is very knowledgeable and passionate about White Lightning products, and – after experiencing a few samples – with good reason. The products are world-class.

  7. Toby Neuendorf

    I’ve never tasted vodka that has been distilled 22 times, and vintage 23 times… the gin has a long list of amazing natural ingredients which give it a spectacular bouquet of flavors and aromas.

  8. Travis

    The Peach Vodka is amazing! I have had it in lemonade and enjoyed a bunch of different mixes. Bought it at a farmers market after sampling and I don’t think that they have a bad choice! Great job, very impressive!

  9. Randi Askin

    I tried the Peach Vodka at the Salisbury Market-so yummy! My husband tried all three and we bought some for Christmas gifts and will continue to support them. The lady at the Market was so helpful and a wealth of information….thank you Great work!!

  10. Shane R

    I’m a huge fan of the Gins and I’m really happy with the peach vodka I brought home!! 10/10 would recommend!

  11. Cindy

    Purchased your PEACH vodka at the Grande Prairie Christmas Market this past weekend – seriously other worldly delish!

  12. Kristen Dersch

    We taste tested this at the Sylvan Lake Xmas Market in November. And we’re instantly sold.
    It’s been the best vodka we’ve ever tried.
    Ordering more!! Thanks White Lightening

  13. Miranda

    I wish I could give this 10 stars. It was the most delicious vodka I have ever tired.

  14. Mickey

    Best vodka in the world went to Edmonton to meet family they had this in the fridge

  15. Donny

    Bought a bottle at a Vendor event In Sylvan Lake, the vodka is amazing and the presentation was mind blowing, still trying to figure out how he pulled the top off of that can!

  16. Lorna Kendall

    Best vodka ever

  17. Mike Mackell

    I picked up a bottle at the Renovation Show. It’s absolutely wonderful. The peach flavour is very fresh and really comes through.

  18. Rhea Brady

    We saw your booth at the Trade Fair in Stettler this spring. After a taste test we walked away with peach vodka, raspberry vodka, gin and rye. All are absolutely amazing.

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