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Real Country Vodka

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4 reviews for Real Country Vodka

  1. K (verified owner)

    I can only speak for my experience, but I was honoured to be the first online customer of White Lightning Distillery. The package was dispatched to me in Edmonton on 9/28 and arrived 9/29. I was updated on tracking automatically via online notification, a great touch. I wasn’t at home to receive the package, so had to pick it up from the post office, but I’m happy I did! The packaging was pristine, heavy, and comprehensive enough to protect not ONE bottle, as I had ordered, but TWO! Included was a nice little note (printed on heavy cardstock, no less) to thank me for my order and a FREE White Lightning baseball cap. Needless to say, that’s what I’ll be wearing when at the range or out in the country!

    The vodka itself sips smooth and light, but with no compromises on creamy mouthfeel. It tastes sweet at the tip of the tongue but leaves no bitterness or aftertaste (looking at you, Smirnoff) on the palette and tongue. Remarkably clean all the way down, I taste 0 – count it, 0 – alcohol burn going down, and it doesn’t taste or feel “heavy” like some of the Russian vodkas you can get. Great quality at a great price, you can really taste the terroir of the local ingredients. Personally, I definitely recommend this but advise you to keep it away from Clamato juice or you’ll be on your third Caesar before too long….

  2. Cam (verified owner)

    Very well done product, I like the personal note and little gift of a hat! Really love the bottle, many unique design elements and featuring locally inspired flares.

    As for the vodka, it’s got just enough bite to know your drinking a vodka, but no bad burn or bitter aftertaste, hint of sweetness on the finish, perfect for a refreshing Cesar or coktail. Also very drinkable on its own for sure, super smooth shots, you’ll want a more than a few of this one!

  3. Daniel S Hrycyk

    While I don’t consider myself a Vodka connoisseur, I am a regular drinker of two mid to high $ brands – only bought while on Sale (and imports).

    While attending a local Christmas craft event I had the opportunity to meet Richard Bogach, an Albertan Vodka distiller. Real Country Vodka this distiller produces is legit.

    After a courtesy taste I bought three bottles. The clean smooth taste with no after-burn is pleasant. This is top notch product. The same quality is found on the bottle, its etching is classy and stands alone to other competitors. Ingredients are Albertan grains another quality I like about this distiller. I give it the highest of ratings. Can be drank alone or with a meal. Well done.

  4. Willow

    My family and I picked up a bottle of the peach vodka, and a bottle of the Real Country at the Bountiful farmers market today, and I was just floored by how smooth both were, and how great the Real Country vodka was especially.

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